Monday, September 26, 2016

Cameron - The first photos of someone other than me at my apt.

Cameron saw my photo background today.  I explained that I was getting things together to set up a SL photo studio.  He volunteered to help when ever I needed help.  I took a few shots of him.  I did not take the time to set a good background or to set up lighting for the photos.  I also had a problem getting the poses I wanted to use to come up.  After he left I found the problem with getting the poses to work.  I then took some of me to check out the problem.  I sincerely hope to work on more shots of Cameron.  Here are the photos I did take.  First Cameron then me using the poses I wanted to use on him.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

MakedCarl looks around Romanium

One could spend a lot of time here just looking at all the art work , carvings and statues.
Add to that all the hot Romans.
This could be Pure Heaven.
This place could fulfill some of my real life boyhood dreams.
If you like this kind of art then you will love this site.
Check it out