Saturday, April 30, 2011

Snap Shots from my SL past.


One day I got a invite to visit 3 Bears Nudist Resort.  Being a nudist I thought why not, I would fit right in.
I took the TP and landed here. No one was in site.  I looked and moved around and could find no one. Could they be shy like me and hiding behind or even under the rocks. I locked everywhere, but the rocks were too big and heavy for me to look under them. Gave up and went back home.  Oh well, in SL as in RL  that's life.

Have a great day in RL and SL.

Some Thoughts


There are certain words that are important to me.

 1     Friend/Friendship
 2     Trust
 3     Honesty
 4     Truth
 5     Acceptance

There are several items I will discuss but will not argue.

 1     Religion
 2     Politics

I accept everyone as they are.  I do not have the power to change nor do I want to.  The big problem I see in society is those who what to make others as they are.  As a group they can influence others.  I am not a leader or a follower.

Just some of he things I think about.  This is my way of letting others see just who I am.  All of the above apply to RL and SL.  Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Hope you have a great day in RL and SL and that you truly enjoy today.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hail Storm At The Lagoon Last Night.

Last night I was running late, but did get a chance to stop by the Lagoon,  Kev was the DJ last night and I love the tunes he plays. In RL there were tornado watches and warnings all over the place.  In cases like this I worry about those who in RL live in these areas.

Was interesting when I arrived.  The Lagoon was having a rain storm with large hail and lighting.  It was so neat.  I do not know why I did not take a picture.  I could use the excuse that I was afraid a large chuck of hail would hit the camera and damage it.  Have a feeling no one would believe me, and that would not be good for someone trying to build a good reputation.

Well no photo.

Have a great SL and RL


Part 4

My mind is sort of in a whirl lately.  I go to bed at night and many thoughts start running through my mind..  My mind is in a strange mode as the result of my trying to find how I am in RL and SL and how one bleeds into the other.

I use Eddie Haskell’s site for the many links there and find a lot that sort of helps me to start to find myself.
This site means a lot to me. I visit all the blogs there and do not remember where I read this but, it sticks in my mind.  In the article the author talks about how groups in society has sort of boxed his mind in.  The facts here may not be exactly as he stated them but this is what I got or remember from it.  He talked about how he felt his mind was in a closed wooden box and that he was struggling to get out of that box and to free his mind.  That is truly how I feel.  I will in time find that article again and plan to comment on it there and maybe contact the writer to let him know that is a feeling I also have.

My mind is always running full speed, it seems, and many strange ways that I try to reason out some of the feelings I have.  Was cutting grass, with all this rain it is way behind.  I have a large front yard and a nice large back yard.  The front yard I  keep up for those who pass by.  The grass is thick and is hard to cut. I cut grass with a power push mower.  I do that for several reasons.  It is good for me and I can think about many things while doing so.  I think best on my feet.  I must at lest wear shots in the front yard, but cut the back yard nude. Well today, while cutting grass a bird flew by.  My mind went off into the wild blue yonder as usual.  I got to thinking about my feelings as to my life. I sot of sensed a feeling that in some ways, like the mind in a box, explains how I am. I am sure that you have seen a nest of baby birds being taken care of my the parent birds.  Comes the day when the birds must learn to fly and leave the nest.  I am in a way one of those birds.  Most do fine, but sometime one has problems getting his wings.  I feel that I am that bird. I left the nest but having trouble learning to fly.  I have make up my mind I will.

I have many hang ups in my mind that are not as they should be.  Looking back over life I feel these started early in life.  Actually by my mother.  Do not get me wrong, I love her and do not blame here.  I was a child and being her child it is her right to raise me as she  best.  I still strongly believe in this.  Her intentions were good, but I was different and tried to hard to be here good little boy.  Trying so hard to be her good little boy is something that is locked in my mind to this day.   Enough on that for now will try to explain that as time goes on.

I am sure many who meet me think I am shy and very reserved.  That is only the external feeling.  I am different in my mind. Want to be free. I will fly and become free. 

Have a great SL and RL

A video you might find interesting.

I like videos that just make you think. Sometimes do not fully understand them but certain statements sort of connect.  This is one of them.  If you like videos like this then check it out.  Just felt I should pass it along.

Have a great RL and SL

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Exploring Tribal Quary

Well after last night I feel that a way for me to get over this fear of going someplace  is to do a exploring series.  This gives me a reason to check out places in SL.  I will naturaly try not to explore someone’s personal area.

Today I went to Tribal Quary and looked around.  Glad it was a time that no one was around or I may have TPed right back out.  That is a problem I have and am trying to overcome.  Some of the areas  there could be personal areas.  If so then I apologize.  Well here are some snapshots I took while there.  It is truly a beautiful place.  Just like the school.  I was curious about it, but stayed away, because I felt I had no reason to go there.  Just as in RL you do not just walk in anywhere with out a reason.  I got invited there one day by Scarabee and was surprised at what a nice school it is.

As you can see what I am doing with this Blog is still not set.  This series of exploring will add some interest.

Here are the snap shots.  They may not surprise many of you, but for those who have not been there the beauty of the place and the art displayed is outstanding.

Have a great SL

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One of those strange nights for me.

This evening I went to the Lagoon.  The DJ tonight was Dehrynn Shepheard.  I love the music he plays.
It was not really a party but, really became party like which happens a lot at the Lagoon.  That is why it is one of my favorite places.

Nice to see Tyler there this evening.  Had not seen him mush lately.  Taylor2 stopped in for a few minutes, but could not stay long for he head to go to work.

As I have said I am still in the process of learning to get around in SL.  Things settled down and I took a short break to go to the bathroom.  When I returned I had a TP invite on my screen from Eddie.  I decided to take it.  The TP seemed to go ok but, before I could rez I seemed to take off on a TP again and then it locked up.  Lost the TP.  This made me think, which I can do sometimes.  (smile).  I thought there must be a way to find out what the TP was and started to explore.  I finally found that there is a TP history and explored it and found a TP to Tribal Quary. Have never been there so this had to be it.I decided to take it.  I did and it  looked like a birth day party was starting or had just ended.  Saw two people dancing together and did not want to disturb them. I must have missed what ever it was.  I most times hesitate to take a TP if I do not know the place I am going or what the dress code is..  This one I took and look what happened.  Just my luck.  I then went back to the Lagoon.

This must have been my night for strange problems.  This time when I got to the Lagoon, I started dancing a dance I had not done there before.  I did not have control of my Avi.  I clicked  on stop animating my avi.  It would stop for a few seconds and then start again.  Weird I must say.  Finally I went back to my place and hit the stop animation again and this time it seemed to work.  I could walk around and control my Avi.  After, I felt I was under control I went back to the Lagoon and lost control and started dong the same dance again.  I noticed several there doing the same dance.  I tried over and over and could not get control.  I then went back to my place and got control again.  Tomorrow I will go back there and see if this happens again.

Anyway a strange night for men.  I will in time figure out how I lost control of my Avi.  I promise you I was not drinking tonight so that was not the problem.  (smile)

A photo makes any entry a little more interesting so here is one I took tonight.

Recomended reading

Here is another U-Tube video that I recommend.  Received this link on Face Book;

Have a great day, both in SL and RL.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Last night was a very special night for me in SL.  I am still rather tense in SL as to how my feelings in RL spill over into Naked Carl.

Went to the Jungle Boys Blue Lagoon, my favorite place in SL.  Guess that is because I, like in RL, know more of the peeps there.  The DJ, one of my favorite, but at this moment do not remember his name, was ending his session.  Taylor2, was there and he took over as DJ.  I admire this man and what he does.  Yet RL feelings spill over and I get up tight when he is around.  This was a very fun experience for me. Lots of props, a whale washed up on the beach, and all of a sudden bumper cars.  A wild fun time. A lot of my tension  went away last night. 

This is sort of the feeling I had concerning Taylor2.  If any of you have worked in management or been in the military you will likely understand this feeling more.  I was dancing as usual and Taylor  was moving around and stopping and dancing in front of others like he was talking to or visiting them  Low and behold he moved up in front of me. I was not sure if I should respond in some way or not.  I got that uptight feeling,  like the feeling I would get in the military when a inspecting officer would step in front of me during a troop inspection.  When they turn toward you and you must salute them. They may ask you a question such as your assigned number,  can not think of what the number is called at the moment.  Or they might inspect your rifle. A truly tense moment.  I was dancing nude and did not feel he was inspection my weapon. (smile) I have worked in management most of my life but while working in a large department store in Florida and management would make a visit to the store.  Everything had to be in order and that made for a certain kind of tension.  To me Taylor is very special, a man who makes the Jungle the great place it is.  A thoughtful, open minded man, who believes in SL and RL

Last night I felt a certain honor after he stopped in front of me.  I truly admire this man. I hope that I continue to clear my mind of so many of the hang ups there and will learn to really enjoy my self and others.

Naked Carl is growing.  Truly enjoy SL and hope to relax more both there and in RL. 

The Jungle and the Jungle Boys are the greatest thanks to Talory2

Have a great day.

PS:  Hope I am stating my feeling in a proper way and that no one takes anything I say wrong. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Part 3

As usual I have changed my mind as to what to say here in part 3,

Last night I got a invite and TP to a dance at Jungle Boys new Home of the Slaves.  Many times I have thought and wondered what the Slaves Home was like, but as usual felt I should not invade a persons home with out a reason. Now I had a reason.

What a beautiful setting it is.  Lots of dance space and as usual I quickly found a spot where I felt I was not infringing on anyone's space and then hit the dance ball and started dancing.  I was wearing work out shorts, sense I did not know what the dress code would be for this party.  I few times when I first joined SL I ended up nude where I should not be and so am careful now.  After a while I heard Kev say Naked Carl is dressed.  I realized most were near nude or nude.  Off came my clothes.  Oh what a free feeling that was. The stone floor was a little cold and rougher on my feet than the warm sand of the Lagoon.

You know I do not like to start too close to someone for I feel I am invading there space, but it does not bother me when someone dances close to me.  Any way it is not  long until there two beautiful naked hunks  dancing near me.  Oh what a feeling.  (smile)  Here I am dancing  Naked and seeing naked sexey Rory near  reminded me of something that happened in my early days in SL.

I remember in the beginning  I wondered what a Jungle Boy Rumble was.  I figured a group got together and formed teams to fight with each other both in action and in words.  I was curious and found the thought interesting, but felt I would not do it right and just make a fool of myself.  This shows the feelings that I have in Sl that come with me from RL and  I hope to explain the connection in time.

Rory invited me to the Rumble at the Chocolate Factory and being interested and a polite guy and Rory being the hot sexy guy he is I just had to say yes.  He went ahead and sent me a TP.  I took it with a nervous feeling.  I arrived there but landed outside the Chocolate Factory.  Being new and not good at getting around I could not find my way in.  I almost, out of frustration, did a TP home.  Not fast enough as usual.  Got another TP from Rory and got in.  When I got inside there was a crowd but I was near Rory and did not panic.  The DJ announced time for the Runble to begin.  Now my stomach started to churn.  Music started and everyone started dancing.  Oh what a relief that was.

I had a great time that night.  When the DJ said the crowd had reached capacity and no more could get in.  I got the usual feeling that maybe I should leave so someone who is a regular and wanted to get in could.  But, being polite and having been invited by Rory, I could not do that.  After a bit the crowd thinned out some and I felt others could get in.  I finally relaxed and enjoyed the evening.

I have not been posting photos in this series, but have several from last night that I am posting here.

Have a great day and thanks for listening to me.


I, Carl, had trouble sleeping again last night. About 3:00AM he got up and decided to check on Naked. He found him like a kid sitting in a chair, wide awake, waiting for the Easter Bunny.  He was excited because waiting was an object from Scarabee.  They opened it and, WOW, a bunny rabbit.  Naked said "see Carl there is a Easter Bunny". This is Naked's first pet in SL.  He named it Hippity Hop. (smile)

Scarabee is such a kind and considerate loving man.  Naked and Carl love him very mush and they wish him and his girl friend in Sl a very happy Easter. The same wish to him and his family in RL.

Hugs and kisses from both of us.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Recomended reading

Hard to believe, but here I am doing something I do not often do.  Last night got a link from Taylor2 of Jungle Boys.  I have viewed this video once and it is a video that makes me realize that I have many thoughts and feelings that are not so strange, but are real.  We are forced into living as society expects and not as we really feel.

It is my believe that we can and should live as we feel we should.  My only rule is to respect others and do not infringe on what they believe.  I plan to view this video many times. You may like it and feel you get something from it.  I feel I owe it to those I know that the video is available for maybe like me it will mean a lot to you.

Here is the link:
I feel that Taylor2 will not mind my passing this on here.

Have a great SL today

Friday, April 22, 2011

Recomended reading

  As you know I am a nudist in RL. and this is a nice article that expresses my feeling.

I just read a post by my nudist friend, Nude Woody, and think some of you would find this interesting. Here is the link and hope you check it out.

A Restless Night.

Last Night

In Rl I am Carl and in SL I am Naked Carl. (grin)  Last night Carl just could not sleep and so got up and logged into SL.  Woke Naked Carl up and so now Naked  can not sleep.  Naked Carl could not go to a computer and long into RL and so he got out his camera and started experimenting with it.  Here are the results:

These Tattoos are by Twisted Ink, owned by Jay

At first I thought he main part of the Tattoo was too low.  Now I realize that I like it where it is.

Darn Carl anyway now I am wide awake!

Well guess maybe I might be able to sleep now.  
Would be nice if I had someone to cuddle with and keep me warm/ (smile)
Good Night.


Part 2

I have been thinking a lot these past few days about what to say in this post part 2.  I had planed to start discussing the feeling that I developed as a boy growing up and how these feelings effect my SL.  Maybe some more experiences I have had in SL should come first.

In the begging I was talking with a nudist friend on Yahoo and he was telling me about  SL and that he thought I would enjoy it.  On Yahoo messenger he walked me through getting on Sl.  Then he signed in and did my first TP to his location. I had no idea what I was doing and so was surprised at so mush.  It was exciting and fun and I was nervous, afraid I would make a fool of myself because I had so mush to learn.  I had a lot of problems using the camera controls and the arrow keys to get around.  I felt I can not handle this but was polite and stayed with it.  He took me through the process of finding a new skin.  I did not understand what we were doing at the  time.  He talked me through how to edit my appearance.  I was not sure about any of it.  He pretty mush made me into what I am.  That may have been a good thing for he made me into what he liked.  My first hair was blond, and it was a interesting look but after a bit we both decided darker hair for me looked better.  Then we did new eyes to make me look more real.

Now he tells me I am non sexual and that I need to get a cock.  Well that was fine. At the time I did not know that you can get ones that look and act real.  He then had to teach me how to get L$ and that took some time for me to get that done.  It was now late and he said tomorrow evening we will get you a cock.  I worried all night that I would not understand the process and look like a fool trying to follow his instructions..

By the next night I was getting very mush into wanting to learn SL.  He had a tough time instructing me to use a kiosk and to order and get a cock.  The fun came with all the trial and err and getting it on and adjusted to the right location and adjusting the size and color.  It took all evening.  We had to wait and do the ass the next evening.  Things were moving fast for during this time I took a membership and ended up with a place to live.  Anyway. you get the idea and I am sure that most of you likely had less trouble.  I have done a lot of computer programming, but little game playing and so to move around and  walk was difficult. On top of that my computer was not up to it.  I later got a new graphics card and more memory which made things easier.

The next evening I got my ass and then it was time to try them out and learn how to use them.  I had no idea of what pose balls were and was impressed at how well he could make our AVIs work together and to have sex.  I thought, I will never learn how to move like this.  I still did not realize that the work is done my scripting.

I was nervous, but looking back the memory is very special.

As to SL it has only been 200 days and so I presume I am sort of in the infant stage.  I have learned to roll over and sit up.  Now I must crawl and then walk.  Guess I am trying to skip the crawling stage and must relax and learn over time.

I had planed to tell of several experiences I had this week that sort of show my feeling of shyness, but some how this is what I wrote.

Enjoy you SL.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Special moments in SL

I have been busy in RL these past few days and time to post something here. I am into digitizing photos, slides, LPs and VCR tapes to preserve memories.  I tend to get many irons in the fire at one time.  Will likely do the same in SL over time. Last night was looking at some photo memories of my SL.  Not many photos yet. But here are several of special moments to me.  The photos bring back to me the conversation that was taking place at the time and that is what is special to me.


Sunday, April 17, 2011



I have made a decision.  Last night SL took me back in time to my boy hood. I had a feeling last night that was like I felt as a boy.  I went to the Jungle Boys Blue Lagoon and did just as I did as a boy and young man growing up. I stood in front of the sign for the Rumble for a long time and did as I did as a boy working up the nerve to go. I took the TP to the Rumble and arrived in a bare room at the site.  I walked around and saw a hall of sorts and slowly wondered down that hall.  In the distance I saw dancing.  I was for some reason nervous.  This feeling was like those I had growing up in RL.  To me a very strange and real feeling.  I got to the open iron gate into the dance area.  I stood there all evening and watched and listened, just as I did as a boy.  I did not feel comfortable or at ease to walk the rest of the way in just as I did as a boy.  I enjoyed the music and conversation I heard, just as I did as a boy.  Yet could not bring myself to take part, just as I did as a  boy.

I have a strong desire to try and explain these feelings for I am sure there must be someone out there with the same problem and for them to know they are not alone will help them.

I am not a good communicator.  I have tried to write these feelings down before but when I go back and read them I delete them.  The feeling last night was so strong that I feel I must attempt this.  I am one to complete what ever project I start and so by posting this message I will have committed myself to follow through.

This will likely not be of interest to most but then it is my blog and I feel that I will feel better just expressing these feelings.  I will do this in several parts sense one must understand my feelings as a boy to understand me now.

Now I am committed to do this so bare with me for this is not required reading as you know. ..  Smile

PS:  I have never discussed these feelings with anyone so this will be tough for me.

Friday, April 15, 2011

My thoughts and feelings in SL

I see many things in SL that give it meaning to me.  I have watched two guys that I admire start business’s and I like to check and watch them from time to time.  This is a great learning experience for me.  One day in LS I want to start a business.  Not to make a lot of money but enough to help me grow it.  I want to do a business that is a fun place to go and to meet others.  I hope that it can be a place where we can learn from each other in some of the things we like doing in RL.  In looking around I have gotten several ideas but will not mention them yet.  Want to make sure in my mind I can do it and that it will be of interest to others.

The two places I am watching are Scarabee’s Fashions owned by Scarabee, my boy friend.  I have seen it from the beginning and tried out many of the fashions.  He has good taste and a good eye for it.  The other is owned my a Jungle Boy, Jay.  He is a very friendly likeable guy.  I love the name of his shop which is “Twisted Ink“.  I stopped by both places Wednesday and again tonight.  I know every piece in Scarabee’s shop and tonight I took good close up looks at all the tattoos that Jay has.  They look great. For myself, I am not mush into color for me but have seen guys who really look great with color tattoos.  Weather you prefer black as I do or color you will love what he has. He also does custom tattoos. These guys are very nice and I hope to see them succeed.

Last night I went to the Jungle Boys Blue Lagoon and danced the night away.  Was a nice evening.

Well that is it for now.  Several photos will follow.  Bly the way the Tats that I have now are from Twisted Ink.

Thursday, April 14, 2011



Here in the beginning of my SL blog I guess I will just ramble.  Nothing special to talk about, but misc. thoughts that will let you get to know me.  In RL I am known as a man of few words and likely in SL that will show.  That is just who I am.  There are certain words that are important to me in both RL an SL.  One of those words is Friendship. I accept everyone that I meet until there is a really good reason not to.  I do not judge or try to change others to be what I want.  I respect everyone for who they are.  I find a number of special friends here in SL that have an effect on my SL life. I hesitate to name names, for fear I will leave someone out.  Some of those special people who make my SL more real and meaningful are first the person who brought me into SL or maybe gave birth to me is, Damius.  He was a friend of mine on Yahoo Messager.  I was talking with him one day when RL had me in a down mood.  He suggested that I join SL.  In the near future I will let you know how that went and my feelings doing so.  I find it interesting.

One thing that truly took me my surprise in SL is the strength of friendship that can develop.  A real unexpected surprise is falling in love.  I have a boy friend, and he is a caring and kind man. He lives in Belgium and me in the USA.  The time difference makes it tough.  Our time together is quality time.  We talk and explore new places together.  We like to cuddle and just talk.  When sex happens it is near the end of our visit and includes a lot of cuddling and foreplay which make the sex very special and loving. Sex is great but our love affair is mush more than sex.

My boyfriend is Scarabee.  He is only a few days older than me.  He is into making things and in to making clothes.  He has recently opened a clothing store and I am leaning from him.

Well as I said I ramble and hope this makes some sense.

The important thing is I love people and some that have helped me understand SL and my self are (first names only at this time), Tyler, Kev, Jay, Rory, and most recently Eddie and Ryce, who’s articles on there blogs I am getting into.  Love photography in RL and love the photography articles that Eddie posts in his blog.  In RL I am not one to follow advice columns but in SL love the advice column that Ryce does.  It helps me understand my self and my feelings as to SL.

Well everyone have a nice day and look out for I will likely get to urge to RAMBLE again.

Photos of special moments.  I will in time take some of these into Photoshop and try to improve them.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Went to the Jungle Boys Lagoon last night.  I was the only one there and so sense I had taken my camera along decided to take a few photos.  Was not long until others showed up and it ended up a nice crowd and a great evening.  Always great there.  Love the Jungle and the Jungle Boys.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Time for a little more about me.  Lets start with where I live in SL.  My home is called Carl's Loft.  It is in a mature area.  I hope in time to live somewhere in the jungle.  I am proud to be a jungle boy.  As to being a nudist in real life and here in second life.  I truly believe in clothing optional living.  More on this later.  I believe in respect of others.  I just believe society is  interfering too mush in our everyday life.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Not sure what I am going to do with this blog.  I am a gay nudist and love my life in Second Life.