Sunday, May 15, 2011



I log on SL each day at my apartment and the first place I go is to the Lagoon at Jungle Boys.  I stay there most evenings, but if I do go some place else I have to check back by the Jungle before I go to my apartment and sign off.

My idle growing up was Tarzan.  Once I got to where I could leave the area of the house at about age nine or so I loved to go up on a hill and be Tarzan all by myself.  Had a grape vine there I liked to swing from.  A movie I fell in love with other than the Tarzan movies was The Blue Lagoon with Christopher Adkins.  So that is why the Jungle appeals to me. I feel better there than any place else.  Just do not know how to be a part of it so enjoy watching others and being there.  Just left there.

Pleasant dreams and enjoy SL and RL.

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