Monday, May 16, 2011


Monday May 16, 2010

Logged on and went to the Lagoon,  It was deserted.  Not often find it that way.  I then took a TP invite to Treve Valley Bound Additions BDSM Nite Club.  The name sounds very interesting.  One might get in trouble here.  Now wouldn't that be awful. (sheepish grin)  Here are several photos.

Well this place is OK, but I sort of have the Monday blues, so decided to go back to the lagoon and see if anyone was there.

Still deserted. I have got to find something.  As large as SL is there should be something going on, so I decided  to check a list I had started to do some exploring and went to the following places. Gay Sex Cruising, Bath House, Galery of Modern Art, Cox Leather for Men and Zeus Gay Club.

There was a nice group of hot looking guys at Tadds as usual. Danced there and started to feel better.  Then as usual I finished up at the Lagoon which seemed to be winding down for the time.  Went back to
RL for a good hot shower and bed.

Pleasantdreams and have a good RL and SL.

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