Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tuesday May 17, 2011

As usual tonight I go to the Lagoon first thing.  Deluynn Shephard was DJ there. He is there every tuesday but he DJs there earlier than most and I miss the first part. Love the music he plays.

When he finished it was early and I did not see any other parties going so went exploring.  First I decided to check out Starbucks Marina and found it very nice.  For those into boating I am sure they would like this place.  It is PG rated.  Then after looking around there needed to find some place to dance. Saw one was going on at Sleaze Gay Dance Club.   Was not sure what to expect but decided to check it out. It was a nice dance and the guys there were friendly.  I knew no one.  I looked like a kid for they were all larger than me.  That could be good or it could bad. 

Have a great RL SL

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