Saturday, May 21, 2011


Friday Night at the Lagoon

Things do not always go as one plans.  Last night was one of those.  I decided to go to the Lagoon were National is the DJ on Friday nights.  Usually lasts two hours then I would go from there to Tadd’s for the rest of the evening.  There was no special party planed but it turned out to be one of the best parties I have attended.  I felt very good after a couple of sort of down days.  I was more than ready for a good evening.

Taylor2, the Chief of the Jungle Boys came by about half way through.  Everyone was in a fun mood.  Could it have been that everyone wanted a good time just in case this might be the last one.  (smile)  At least a good excuse to let go.  Sense I was going to Tadd’s later I wore more clothes than usual..

The music was great and I turned the volume way up and was ready to get down and have a great evening. My mood was right.

Different fun things happened.  I think I will start posting the pictures here and make comments in between.  See no plan just  like in real life.  (smile)

Had not planed to take photos, but someone placed a sprinkler in the middle 
of the crowd.  This was cool, so out came the camera.

Playing in the sprinkler I felt like a kid. (Please, do not tell me I was just getting
into my second childhood.  smile)

I was getting hot and wet.  Ahh now I see a slip and slide.
Must be the Chief, he is full of surprises.

Every one is having such fun. Like being kids again. Sure nothing wrong 
with that.  Now I see a water slide.

Wow looks like clothes are starting to go. I like that.

Now what is going on.  Do not remember taking my clothes off. Do not
see them laying anywhere. Starting to wonder what is in the sprinkler.
What is the Chief up to now.  Is there something in the water that devolves clothes.
If so I want some to take to the county fair in RL this year. What fun that would be.(smile)

I got a little worried.  What if the solution that dissolves clothes is not perfected.
Is there a chance that it might dissolve or shrink other things.
Rory was near by and so I decided to keep a eye on his cock. Of course if
I saw it starting to shrink or disappear I wold have said lets get in the lagoon quick.
He would likely have thought I had lost my mind. (smile)

Everyone had a great time or at least I did.  National was scheduled to DJ for two hours and things were so fired up that he stuck in there and DJ'ed for four hours.   Good old National.  Needless to say I did not make it to Tadd's.

Enjoy SL and RL  life is meant to be enjoyed.

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