Sunday, May 22, 2011



I made it to the Pride Warm Up Party today.  Had a difficult time getting to the right places. At one point several of us were in a area trying to fine MarDick Theater for a dance.  We put each other in our friend lists and then took off.  I found it first and did a TP for two others.

I took many photos and will post a few here.  Will do a few at a time and then add more as I get time.  Will only do the Warm up party on this post. I have had one hell of a great day.  Knew no one there but made several friends.  At one point insyX was near by and spoke.

Well here are some of the Photos:

Castro Street, San Francisco - Now to find the party.

I look so small compared to these guys.

Some photograph well from any angle. (smile)

Have a great RL and SL

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