Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Found the Dinner today.

Memories for me.  Should not say this, but I truly remember those days.  I was not dressed properly for these photos.  I should have wore blue jeans with the cuffs turned up and a plain white T shirt with the sleeves rolled up a roll or two and white tennis shoes.  My hair would have been short and likely a flat top.  Long hair would have been sissy and tats were not very common except of bad guys.  Really no printed T shirts then.  The music was right and the décor perfect.  In those days I could see a double feature movie at the theater for twenty five cents and a hamburger with fries and drink for mush less than a dollar.  Wow those were the days.

In my eyes Taylor2 has really made my day.  For me in RL was one of those down days.  Went to SL and found the dinner.  Made my day.  Now have to find a plain white T shirt and plain blue jeans, but then will not fit in with the crowd there, but that is fine.

Remember this was before styrofoam cup and tin cans.  the hamburgers were massed and fried on a greasy grill. They did not come out of a freezer and preformed. Do not remember diet soda then either.  WOW MEMORIES.

Have a great RL and SL

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