Sunday, May 22, 2011



Some thoughts on the Fear of Touch I have been talking about.  I have a sister-in-law that I can talk with and she will listen and give what ever opinion when I need it.  I explained how I had a real fear of being touched until my early 20's.  That recently I have come to feel that the feeling of touching is more like the fear of invading another's space until I know it is OK to touch them.  She explained that many people have that problem and that she has it, but to her it was more a fear of being rejected.  In the discussion she talked about people with a fear of touching door knobs because they had been touched by others.  Then we discussed Donald Thrump.  He does not shake hands for the fear of germs. Hand shaking is a very common thing among business people.  We wonder how he would have handled that if he had run for President.  A lot of hand shaking during the process of campaigning.  So maybe my fear is not so bad.  I am determined I will get over it.  I just can not reach out to some one for a hand shake, but no problem shaking there hand when they extend there hand out to me.  I guess that gives me permission to touch them.  To cuddle, hug or kiss is the same way.  Once the other person touches me in that way I can then respond with them in the same way.  Strange I know, but that is how it is.  I do sense in SL that writing all this has caused some to sort of back away from friendship with me which if OK for I can understand the confusion I have caused.  Over time that should resolve its self.  Now that I have said this mush I must complete these thoughts for I always finish a project that I start.

Have a great SL and RL.

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