Saturday, May 21, 2011



The blog I did last night about decisions I have made in RL was not planed. I was going to do one about last night at the Lagoon.  It was a great night and I will post that later today with a few photos.

On this blog so far most of my postings have been about my Phobia.  That is a negative part of me. That is only a part of who I am, and can easily give a wrong impression of who I really am.  I can not let it stand that way.  I will do other postings as to things I do and hope that will let you get to know me.  The blog yesterday shows that I have worked most of my life in management.  When I have a job to do what ever it is I can function without my hang up on touch.  The reason being that I have a reason to be near others.  I do not have to wait until I feel I can get close to them.  In the near future I will post my feelings on bodybuilding, nudism and photography.  I have done many things in RL and I like a challenge. 

Have a great RL and SL weekend.

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