Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday turned into a special day.

In my last entry I talked about going to the Dinner for the first time.  For several days I was sort of in a depressed mood, which I seem to do from time to time.  When I went to the Lagoon yesterday, no one was there and so I decided to take a walk which I seldom do.  That is when I saw the sign about the Dinner and one god thing about SL is that once you hit a TP you are off and there so soon that you do not get mush chance t change your mind.  (smile)

Thinking back I remember that when I arrived I did not see the Dinner at first and so started to walk.  Then I saw the parking lot with several old cars parked there.  I was surprised to see no one in the Dinner but the door was open and I walked in.  Just like in the 50s when it was safe to leave doors unlocked.  Walking around the dinner alone let me take a loan from my memory bank.  You can put no value on your memory bank, it can be priceless.  This started me out of my depressed mood.

Later in the evening I checked back in to Sl to see if there were any messages, knowing that I would be going to the Lagoon that night for Kev is the DJ there on Wednesday nights.  I saw while there that he was the DJ at Starfall, and the theme was music from the movies.  Had not been there but I was in a mood now for this.  Off I went and I arrived there in just a pair of shorts.  I forgot to change clothes.  Lucky I had a change with me.  I switched to a pair of long black jeans and put on my sneakers and found a long sleeve white shirt to wear.  I was now at ease.  The music was great and Starfall has a very warm pleasing setting.

When the set was near to ending I realized that I needed to grab a quick snack from my kitchen and head for the Lagoon.  Got there shortly after Jay, who was the DJ in place of Kev.   Jay is good, and nice for Kev to take a break.  A small group at first, but the tunes were great and a very good mix.  My mood became a very happy one.  I was now in a natural high.  Those there must have been passing the word that Jay was the DJ for good looking hot guys were coming in from all directions. WOW, too many to keep up with greeting them.  I was now hot and as usual my clothes started to disappear.  By the time Jay finished the night the crowd was great and everyone seemed very happy.  So happy and in such a good mood that most stuck around after Jay and Kev left.  It was late and I did not want to go, but after about a half hour I had no choice.  It was a beautiful day for me.

Have a great RL SL.


  1. That's what I call a fun day, hangin. That would be me with my half harness

  2. Thanks, Fuzzbuzz, and am sure you are a hot nice guy. I checked out the sites you follow and they are truly hot. I like smooth, hairy, tats, piercings for each should be who they are. Hugs.