Saturday, May 21, 2011


Right or Wrong Life Decisions

Looking back at decisions of the past one wonders what there life might be now if some of them had been different.

A good example is that I served my time in the military.  At that time my entrance test qualified me for Officers Candidate School.  Now it was a honor to qualify, but being gay, but not out, and the fact that I dreamed of a life time as a nudist I naturally declined the offer.  I really feel that I made the right decision for it would have been hard to live a lie all these years.  Yet if I had lived through it I would have a good pension. Oh well.

After the military I went back to school and got an associates degree in accounting. Went to work for a heavy construction company as a cost accountant.  Planed to continue my education in accounting, but after a year with the company I became the Treasurer and Office Manager.  I decided I did not need to go back to school at the time.  Maybe I should have.

Then I convened the owner of the company I worked for that we needed to get our first computer.  This was before the PC of today. We got a NCR main frame computer.  The language was to be COBOL.  At the time NCR did not have heavy construction programs for the computer.  I decided that I could learn to program it. I took a introductory course with NCR and seemed to get the hang of it fairly easy.  I then decided to go to Shawnee State University and get a associate degree in computers which I did.  The GI bill had changed sense I went to school last time and would pay for the schooling this time.  I did not say anything about having a degree in accounting and took the accounting courses too.  I got straight As in those classes, and loved programming so mush that I got straight As there also.  Had no interest in the communication skills and so passed them but not with As.   Sense I worked days and went to school at night I did not plan to attend the graduation.  When the school found I had not ordered a cap and gown, they ordered one for me.  I did not know it but I had the highest grade average in computers and sense I had eared my degree as a night time student the graduation was centered around me.  I felt bad that I had knocked a regular day time student out of this honor.  Yet I was proud to do it.  I did manage to program the computer, with out any programing from NCR.  I was happy and satisfied with my job.  PCs cane along, but being busy I let all these changes slip by me.  Of course the big main frames went out and the PCs had a lot of programing available.  Likely I should have gone back to school and followed through on programing.  The owner of the company then drowned in a accident and the company soon closed.

I had always dreamed of living in Florida so off I went.  Looked for work in accounting or computers.  To keep going I went to work for a temporary service.  Did this to hold me over while I looked for the work I wanted.  The temporary service sent me to a local high class department store to work in stock.  The first week there the manager asked me to come to work for them.  I said no that I was looking for accounting or computer work.  He said I guaranty you that you will do good here.  I decided to give it a try for I could always move on.  The store bought my contract from the temporary service.  In less that a year I became the receiving manager.  The receiving manager in the store at Naples had died at there Christmas Party and this being the busy season and the employees there were having a hard time with his death and the manager of my store felt I could do the job. I went in and started from scratch learning from those there.  They resented me at first because they felt the position should have gone to one of them.  I worked there eight years and it was a great job.  My mother was dieing of cancer so I came back to Ohio to be with her and take care of her. That was another decision in my life.

Life has many turns and sometimes we make the right turn and sometimes maybe not.  One does wonder what it would have been if any of these decisions had been different. 

 Have a great RL and SL day.

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