Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well as in RL the first thing I looked for when I went to a new area was a gym.  Gold's was my first chose.   I found a gym here is SL tonight.  I need to get in shape and guess that now I do not have an excuse.

Well I was just going to check it out but, I just can't resist trying it out.
The punching bag would be a good warm up

Ahh!  yes that felt so good.

Opps!  Should have done the bench first.
Did not follow the rules I always taught others.
Well did not do a lot, but may be too sore to dance tomorrow.
Now to cool down.

I am not going to tell everyone I am working out and will wait and see if they see a difference.
You know what.  I have got to find a good source of Preteen
Any suggestions.

Well have a great day in SL and RL and do not make excuses not to take care of yourself.

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