Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dare to Bare

Let's get naked! We dare to bare...

When it comes to bare beaches, Spain was one of Europe’s late starters, introducing its first one in 1979. But according to nudists' bible, The World Guide to Bare Beaches, Spain is “now amongst the most enthusiastic and progressive advocates of the bare beach lifestyle”.

Even in a nation as prudish as the UK, stripping off now seems to be the activity du jour. Hip models such as Daisy Lowe and Lily Cole have posed starkers in recent years and events like the Naked Bike Ride held in Brighton and London amass much media attention and are hugely popular with people that appear to have been just desperate to strip off in public.

To read more click and go here. HEROIC NUDIST.

Enjoy RL and SL in the buff.   (smile)

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