Monday, January 9, 2012

My First Day in SL

On Sept. 16, 2010 a great friend in SL started me in SL.  He gave me birth, (smile).  I knew nothing and he worked hard to get me started.  I did not know about taking photos in SL and did not know he took these.  He sent them to me today and I really appreciated that.  Thank you. Darius Habilis.  Many warm hugs to you my best friend. 

We did a lot of trial and errow on how to make me look. 
Wow the funiest and toughest thing at that time was
getting and attaching my Xcite cock.


  1. Bah you were luck, when you were born you could chose a decent avatar to start with ;)

    ...and the dickie-problem hahaha strange isn´t what that little piece of meat does for our selconfidences, especially when it is missing ;))

  2. I remember the first time I lost mine. What a shock. Did not know what to do, but someone helped me find it. Funny now but not then. smile