Sunday, June 24, 2012


Last year I truly had a great time at all the Second Pride Events and covering them on this blog.  I let too many events in RL and SL let me slip up and not stay up with what was gong on in Second Pride this year.

I am truly proud that I am a gay man and a gay nudist on top of that.  Many in RL do not understand and that can be tough at times. Proud to see the gay community in SL so supportive of so many important causes in life.  Equal right for all.  The fight against bulling.  The fight to cure aids and support those with aids.

Sense I did not get originated in some way to cover all events I plan to visit many and to do photos when I do.

Went to the San Francisco sim this morning.  Walked around and what a great job everyone did on these Second Life sims.


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