Saturday, July 7, 2012


Will be off a couple of days.  My Air Conditioning is not working.  Getting in the low 100s in the day and only down in the 80s tonight.  The next few days will be cool only in the low 90s

Stay cool.  Will be glad to get back on second life and my blog. 


  1. Carl, I sympathize with you. When I lived in the UK a few years ago, it was incredibly warm one summer. I remember the temperature in London hitting the high 90's for a few days, and almost no one has air conditioning at home there. All the electric fan did was blow hot air -- it provided no relief at all.

    I hated it. I had to go to Brighton to escape the heat one day. One thing that helps is putting a wet sheet on top of you with a blowing fan. Either that or go stay in a mall all day.

    My sympathies, and hopefully the normal temperatures that are coming back to most of the US will help.

    Greetings from cool Florida btw where the temperature rarely breaks 90 degrees in the summer -- it's all relative I guess.

  2. Has been a bit tough. The nights staying hot is what made it rough. Got down in the 60s last night and that helped. Callings for highs in the 80s this week and lows in the 60s. No matter what I feel lucky for there are many in this world with it truly tough. We can whine to easily sometimes. Times like this remind us just how lucky we really are.