Monday, September 24, 2012


I am still having streaming problems.  A second stream seems to follow me and when I turn on the sound at a site I get this second stream over the sites stream.

I uninstalled the Phonix viewer and installed it again.  This did not fix the problem.  I then installed Firestorm and have the same problem there.  I go to a friends computer and no problem on his computer with the same viewers.

Tomorrow I will get back into taking photos and going to dances and events.  I will just have to put up with the sound or turn the sound off.  Would not be so bad if it were a stream that I like.  This one is a continuous loud beats and once in a while some talk.  I try to listen to the talk to identify it.  If I can do that I can block that stream. At least I think I can 

In the mean time I will try to get used to Firestorm. Below is my first photo on Firestorm. Notice I am not grinning now.

Well a slight smile.

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