Sunday, September 23, 2012


I may be inactive for a day or so.  I have a streaming problem.  Checking and clearing one thing at a time. 
If anyone knows what the problem might be let me know.  No matter where I go I pickup the stream they are playing.  Then another stream comes in over it.  The second stream has a very hard loud beat to it.  Once in awhile there is a few seconds break.  During these breaks I can here the stream of the site I am on. 

This evening I went to a friends house with the same browser and had no problem.  I also ran it on Firestorm and at first a problem but then it cleared up. I am on Phoenix and prefer that because it works faster for me taking and posting photos. 

I think that next I will uninstall Phoneix and then re install it. I just want to make sure that I clean this version completely out.

I went to a country music site so it would be easier to tell between the two streams to make sure the right one was playing in the background and it was.

Looking for suggestions.     smile      WOW after all this I can still smile.

PS:   had some help from several sl friends today and I sure do thank them for trying to help me with this problem.  

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