Thursday, October 4, 2012


Pretty in Pink !
Get it on and Give it back !

Help Support Breast Cancer Awareness and have fun at the same time!

Hello to all my Friends on Second Life.

As many of you may know the American Cancer Society uses Relay for Life on Second life to help with Cancer Research. Well a major event is underway on several sims. One is the “Gor Boob-a-Thon  at the City of Thentis.


Yours truly has decided this worthy cause should be supported and will be broadcasting the "Famous Boobs of Gor" Trivia contest beginning at 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM SLT this Saturday on The  Gorean WHIP Radio.

Now here is what I'd like to see from you...

Come to the City of Thentis, Put your picture on the wall if you want. Vote for your favorite boobs and do it OFTEN between now and Saturday!! Yes I did Say Often!! each vote is only 25 Lindens with All the funds going to support this cause . 

Here is my offer to you! After this event I am going to host a private party for anyone that donates. This is a Pretty in Pink Dance. Come dressed in Pink and the contest board will be open for you. I ask you take this one step further though and take the same amount of lindens you spent for your costume and donate to the Relay for life Kiosk that will be at the dance.

To make this even more fun, I ask that you visit my Avatar's Facebook page,

and post your picture there in your best pink outfits. For the brave of heart, go take a RL picture of you in pink and post that one also. Those who do so and wish it, I offer to create a digital “Thank You Card “of both RL and SL pictures combined. Now how cool is that?

Please see the other notecard for more details of this great event and worthy cause !!   Do it cause it would make your Mama Proud !!!


Jay Sparrowtree



  1. Thanks for running this Carl. I had to search for the date of the event a bit in this article, it is tomorrow October 6 correct? If you can let us know the date, time and location of the party it would be great. I am going to link to this article.

  2. City of Thentis 10 - 6 - 2012
    I tried to create a Slurl, but so far can not get it to work