Friday, January 11, 2013

Computer status and update

This may be a little long and a lot of it of no interest, but this is what I am trying to accomplish with my computers.

I have two computers I am working with one is in my basement and the other in my den.  I will refer to the one in the basement as B and the one in the den as D. They are both Dell’s.

B is the one I have been doing SL on and this is where I do my RL photography.   This computer will let me run SL,  Paint Shop Pro or  Photo Shop, and mail along with my browser and blog at the same time. 

D is where I convert vinyl records, cassette tapes, eight track tapes and VHS to digital.

B is very nice place to work except in the coldest part of winter like now.  D is nice now but rather hot in the hottest part of summer with all the digital equipment I have there.  The Den is only 10 X 12 feet.

D has a new Nvdia graphics card which I installed about a year ago.  I tried to get the same kind of card for the Den.  The computer in the Den is a slim line and has to take smaller cards.  I installed a Radeon in the Den computer. The graphics look great.  I display it on my 42 inch flat screen TV. It freezes up when I take a photo in SL.  This happens at a time when my CPU usage exceeds  76% and taking the photo jumps it to 100%.  If I take photos when CPU usage is under 76 it works fine.  I am going to upgrade the CPU in D.

I started all this to get better photos in SL.  A new monitor for B might accomplish that, but I want to be able to work either place.

I am looking at the possibility of putting together my own computer.  Not sure yet.  I am reading up on it.
I can usually do anything I set my mind to.  I am considering a Gigabyte Intel Z77 Dual Thunderbolt ATX Motherboard with BT4.0/Wi-Fi (GA-Z77X-UP5-TH).  I can get a lot more computer for my money by picking the parts and putting them together myself.  It would be a great learning experience.

The basement is where I also work on computers.  Mostly in the software end and getting more into the hardware end.  Love the challenge and try to keep learning.

I am into a major project of scanning about 6,000 photos and putting them on DVD.  This is for pay.

I should be back in SL by Monday using the B computer. 

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  1. If you put your own computer together get a very good power supply --- the best you can afford. Once these go, they will fry your motherboard. I had this happen last year.