Thursday, July 25, 2013

Checking out Bogeda Bay

Thursday July 25, 2012 with DJ RUDY

I got my tats from Twisted Inc shortly after coming into SL from Twisted Ink when it first started. I was surprised and pleased to find there shop here. Jay Sparrowtree is the owner.  How nice it would be for him to work on my tats as I sit nude in his shop.  If he were to be nude too that would be even better.  (GRIN)

Twisted Ink shop looks great.  
A nice Rl feeling

 If I ever need a hotel I will keep this in mind.

Well I definitely have to check this out

 Ahh to bring a friend here and see a movie.
Then maybe a good mood set for activity after the movie.
( smile)

I think there is a dance up stairs here.
Sounds like a DJ and great tunes.
I have to check this out now.


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