Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sexology at Suck Club, Gay Fun World

Thursday August 21, 2014 with DJ Ralphy and Host Joe

My main computer is down so I took these on the computer I used for my first three years here in SL.  The quality of the photos is poor.

Great to see Avacar Bluestar has a blog and he has photos of this dance posted there.  Go to and check out his photos

Still around and will be back on line soon

In the beginning started some major home updates.  Then my main computer went out.  I think it is the power supply.  As usual I take my time in making decisions when that is possible.  I just ordered a new computer and then will replace power supply in my main one and use it for backup..  In the mean time I will try to catch a dance or two and take photos but the quality may be down.  Everything should be better once the new computer arrives and I set it up.  Have missed everyone in SL and soon will catch up on what is going on.  Take care and hugs to all of you.