Saturday, November 22, 2014

Memorial to Avacar

Saturday November 22, 2014 Avacar's RL birthday.

This service was beautiful.  I only took one photo here for I wanted to listen to every word.  This is unusual for me, I can not express just how sad and how I felt all week.  Some of the words spoken tonight had real meaning for me.  I am printing a part of what Ryce Skytower said here.  This is beautiful.  This is as I try to live my RL.

"Thank you Ryce"

The following is from Ryce's comments.

"I have been thinking about a permanent memorial for Avacar in Second Life. Perhaps we can build a gorgeous garden or a musical concert series to remember him by. Maybe we can have an annual event to raise funds in his honor for the American Heart Foundation. I have been thinking about doing all sorts of things.

But then it hit me.

All these things do not do justice for how Avacar has changed us all as individuals, and has made Second Life a much better place for everyone. A bit of Avacar lies within us.

He made us better individuals by treating everyone with kindness and respect. He showed us how to treat others. And I think the best memorial to Avacar would be to continue his actions in Second Life.

Let me give some examples. 

The next time you help a friend in need in Second Life even though you have three things to do that have to get done in the next 10 minutes-Remember, Avacar is with you and here in Second Life. 

The next time you selflessly a newbie who cannot even begin to figure out how to survive in Second Life, Avacar is still with us in Second Life.

If you are a club owner, and some passionate DJ needs a forum to develop his or her dream, even though they have no following yet on their own, and you are kind enough to help –Avacar did this. He will still be with us in Second Life.

The next time you spend a great deal of your own funds on an event in Second Life, or a charity, or simply build a sim that others love without any hope of getting your investment back. This is what Avacar did. 

He taught us that money was not the most important thing. He will still be us in Second Life. The next time you know a friend is down, and you spend time cheering them up, at the expense of not putting your own needs first, this is what Avacar did. Avacar is still here in Second Life.

The next time you offer an artist a gorgeous gallery space so other may appreciate their work, at no cost to anyone but yourself, simply because it’s a good thing to do. Avacar is still here in Second Life. 

Avacar led his life by the Golden Rule

He treated others as he wished to be treated, and there were never any exceptions.
And to me, for each of us to remember him by following his example, he will always be part of us, and part of our Second Life Community."



  1. Thanks for publishing this Carl! Eddi Haskell (and I am also Ryce Skytower of course).