Monday, March 2, 2015

Meaty Monday - MANHOLE - GFW

For me this night is special.

This is a special night.
I used to come here often.
I went to Manhole last night and danced alone in the middle of the dance floor.
While doing so I reviewed the many postings I did from there.
Many great memories.
I truly miss Avacar ant tonight will give me closure.
Before I left I felt better.
I even danced on the pole before leaving and took a few Photos.
I may post them as my next Posting tonight or tomorrow.
I do truly miss Avacar but will remember him till my last days.

Thank you Rico

Go over to Rusty Redfields Blog, Playing with the big boys, and see more photos and read his article

I also thank Eddi Haskell and Ryce Skytower for his posting referring to out posts.

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