Sunday, September 27, 2015

Naked Carl - Lost Island - Chapter One - Part One

Taylor2 owner of Jungle Boy's Blue Lagoon sims has created Lost Island another beautiful creation.  It is a place to use your imagination.  I am going to try and create my own adventure there.  I hope you will enjoy it and will see what a great Idea that Taylor has created for our enjoyment. Lets just see if I can do it.

This island was only inhabited by guys who abandoned ships and boats for some reason until this plane crash

For Introduction to this series go here


(Where am I?  How did I get here?)
(Who am I?  What is my name?)
(Do I know him?  Should I know him?)

(Ahh that poor guy)

( HELP!  Any one here?)

( Oh fuck now what?   HELP!  Anyone Help!)

Watch for "Chapter 1 part 2", next Sunday Oct. 4


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