Sunday, September 20, 2015

NakedCarl/Jungle Boys/Blue Lagoon/The Lost Island

The soccer team of St Leviathans went missing in Dec 2014. Their plane went down somewhere in the pacific. I  have just woken up from being unconscious in the plane crash. I hit my head pretty hard on impact and  now suffer amnesia. I find a life jacket, pull the cord to inflate it and swim for my life before the sharks get me. The life jacket has a swimmer installed already once inflated ,no need for the swim pose balls.
Some of the survivors have already made it to shore, they have salvaged some supplies for me located in a basic bamboo shelter. I will need some of these items to survive my time on the island.

I will tell my own story here. Here are some questions I have asked myself for my character:

   * What do you wear as a castaway?
   * Will your appearance change over time, long hair? beard?
    * What are the skills you can offer this stranded group of guys?
    * Are you a good swimmer? (swim HUDS)
    * Are you injured from the plane crash, if so wounds? scars?
    * Do you catch food for the survivors by fishing? (rods provided) spearfishing
    * Are you on watch duty for planes or ships, will you have flare guns to signal for help?
    * Will you help new people you find become involved in the scene?
    * Do you sleep in the cave or outdoors?
    * Are you a hunter? Will you wear the bones of your kills?
    * Are u a craftsman, do you make shell necklaces, put bird feathers in your hair,
       weave baskets to kill time on the island?
    * What were you carrying in your luggage on the plane to the soccer tournament?
    * Will you be solitary or will you play a social game
    * Will you improve moral of the survivors with music and entertainment?
    * Are you tribal tattooed?
    * Are you a warrior?
    * Will you loose your mind and go savage?

I am going to think this out and will do a series of postings as an experience there. The series "NakedCarl on The Lost Island" 

I came into SL 5 years and 4 days ago.  The first group I joined was Jungle Boys Blue Lagoon. 
Other than a friend who brought me into SL I made my first SL friends there. I am still friends with many of them.

The first part of this text is copied from a note card from this site by owner Taylor2, with a few words changed.

Here are a few photos I took while exploring this sim very early this morning. These photos are not a part of the series I will do.

Hope you will like the series and I hope I can do it well.


Go here for Chapter One Part One

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