Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nibz birthday at Gay Men's Cove

Nibs celebrated his Birthday September 9.  Hope he had a really nice day. 

Gay Men’s Cove celebrated it last night at a party that was scheduled for 8 to 11 SLT time.  It ended at 12:30 and about 8 of us were still dancing.  You know the kind of a group of guys you love to be around and hate to leave.  

Markarius Viper and DJ Ez have created a atmosphere where everyone feels like family.  Everyone speaks and welcomes others.  You will always feel welcome there. 
This group is all male and nude all the time.  It is a beautiful sim to enjoy and explore.   Everyone there will love and respect you. 

I did not take photos there except for about 10 minutes during the fireworks, and at that started taking them after the most beautiful ones went off.

If you want a place that really relaxes you, makes you feel good with real friends and to feel good about yourself, then this is the place.

Here are the fireworks photos, I did not crop or enhance any of them.  Hope it gives you an idea of the warm feeling of this dance.

Nibz is a great guy.  You have likely seen him working at some of the dances.  You will respect and love this guy.  I wish him a great year.

Hugs Nibz


  1. They turned out really well Carl! Love rockin' it to the fireworks!