Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happy Rez Day Ryce Skytower - 7 years old today

This photo is from his blog
Check it out.
For more photos of Ryce check out
Eddi and Ryces's Photograyhy Blog

Ryce is Eddi Haskel's Alt, and yet I feel they are two seperate guys.
I have know them most of my Second Life, five years now.
They have truly helped me a lot.
Ryce I wish you a great day.
Hugs guys I love you.



  1. Ryce thanks you for his rezday wishes! He does not comment on blogs, so I am thanking you for him :).

  2. You are welcome. Glad you take such good care of him (smile)

  3. Happy happy day Ryce my Love!!!!! Big kissssss