Sunday, November 22, 2015

My experience with upgrading to Windows 10

When the free Windows 10 upgrade became available I upgraded a computer which I have set up in an office area in my basement where I did second life for four years. This computer came with Win XP which I upgraded to Win 7 later.  The upgrade to 10 went very well and Second life worked fine and still does.  It is just a slower computer. I now consider this one as a backup for my Second life.

A few months later I did the upgrade to 10 for a friend. This computer came with Vista, which I took up to 7 later. The upgrade to 10 went without a problem.  This is not used for Second Life. It is still doing fine.

This third computer that I use now is Dell XPS 6700  with NVIDA graphic card.  It came with Windows 8 which updated to 8.1   I use a VIZIO 42 inch HD flat screen TV as my viewer with surround sound.  It Worked great with Firestorm viewer and Second life. Two nights ago I upgraded to Windows 10.  The upgrade went very well.  Every program works very well, but having a problem with Firestorm viewer.  Rezing is very slow, which is a problem with the way I take photos and post to my blog.  I reinstalled Firestorm viewer with no improvement.  I am slowly working on Firestorm settings.  It seems like rezing is getting a little better.  With 8.1 rezing was almost instant  and maybe that spoiled me.

I updated drivers for all programs and the graphics card.

I will let you know later how this goes.   



  1. Thanks Carl for sharing this. You use a 42 inch monitor? Cool! I use a 27 inch one and was thinking of upgrading to a bigger size!

  2. I had horrific problems with Windows 10 not shutting down for me but there was huge Windows 10 update last week and it seems to now be flawless.
    I also experienced better speed on SL and Firestorm viewer especially the newest Firestorm release. hmmm

  3. I have the latest Firestorm. Does not rez as fast as it did on 8.1. Will keep working on that