Thursday, June 23, 2016

Markarius Viper dressed, WOW, What a plesant surprice!

Yesterday morning, when I went to Second Pride to to get a photograph of the days schedule, I heard a voice speaking to me.  Was I dreaming?  No,  It was Markarius Viper, a man I truly admire and look up to. He is the designer, owner and operator of the place I consider my second home, Gay Men's Cove, where it is "All Male, All Nude, All The Time".  By me being a gay nudist in RL, this is the kind of place I dream of.   The first thing that came to mind, I must get his photo.  As usual my shutter finger took over and I got many photos, a lot of them alike.  I will be presenting some of them in this space, therefor, check back and check them out, remember these are just snap shots and not studio type photos.

Zack Viper, Markarius's son joined him at the end.

Darn!!   Second Pride decided to re-start the sim at this time.
Just my luck!

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