Monday, July 4, 2016

Celebrateing the 4th of July at Gay Men's Cove - Hot sexy guys

A United States Of America Holiday ( July 4th)

For me tonight seemed really special.  The dance was earlier that usual and this being a holiday, I did not expect many to show.  The dance started slow, but then picked up.  I was surprised when several friends I have not seen in awhile dropped in.  Jay Sparrowtree who I met at Jungle Boys shortly after coming into SL.  Jay gave me the tattoos which I still wear, they are special to me.  Uz Evermore also from Jungle Boys, who I did get to see at last years Second Pride.  Kermit who I met at Ricochots Country Music Club and who I run into from time to time, but usually, at times when I can not talk or visit. Or maybe, more (Grin)

I usually do not list names at these dances and do not have a full list of who attended but this is the list I did get.  Ez of course the DJ, Drayden, Jay Sparrowtree, Uz Evermore, Kermit Halsey, Rob, Charles Delanay, and DeeDee.

Even though I was having several computer problems and just did a lot of wide angle shots and less close ups. I am satisfied with what I got. WOW, a group of really hot guys.

Looking at these photos I can not figure out if Ez is teaching us a dance, or if we admire his dancing so much that we copy him.  Or could it be he is holding some kind of a ritual. 

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