Sunday, July 17, 2016

Memories – The Year 2011

I met the man who became the love of my Second Life.  His name was Scarabee, a French man in France, who had a store and made clothing and once in a while other items.

He went with me, to photograph dances, as I was just getting into covering  Second Life with my blog.  Many nights he had special places to take me.  Snow skiing, boating, hot balloon rides and to many dances with lots of straight couples dancing and we would be the only males dancing together.  One time we explored a sim riding on a large feather.  We had a lot of romantic times together.  We believed in a lot of cuddling and foreplay.  We did not just separate afterwards, but cuddled and talked before saying good night,

He asked me to marry him and I very happily said yes.  We started putting wedding plans together.  We went to The Jungle Boys, Blue Lagoon, where we proudly announced we were engaged.

Do to a problem he had in real life we had to separate.  It really hurt a lot and took me some time to get over it. I was surprised at how strong second Life feelings can be. Now some very pleasant memories,

( one sort of funny story:  One night in a nice romantic spot we were standing kissing each other, when a lady walked by and said “ That is not nice”.  We continued to embrace and kiss and she walked away)

Here Scarabee is proposing to me.

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