Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gay Fun Beach with DJ Shirtless and Host Dan

I usually do not make statements during coverage of a dance or event with this blog. The past two days felt like hell to me.  I let myself become so behind in sleep by trying to do so many things in SL that I came very close to leaving SL.  I sat back and sat on my hands.  Last night I got a good nights sleep and have organized my projects.  I will take my time getting SL clothes and learning to fit them.  I have had a long time goal of setting up a Photography Studio in SL. DJ Ez has helped so much by letting me use a place to rez objects and equipment.  I am collecting poses and backgrounds and  have a nice lighting system and posing systems.  Need to get more practice doing studio shoots.  I an  exploring sites for field photo shots.  Interested in doing any thing from profile photos to erotic artistic shootings.  All photo sessions free  until I get a shop set up.  I do not expect to make a lot of lindens, but will set pricing to be in line with what others charge.  I do not want to take business from others due to pricing.  Would be fun and make me proud to do photo sessions because others like my work.  That will let me know when I get good at it.

I have gotten my confidence from watching a great guy in SL.  Markarious Viper is good at what he does and I hope to become at least 80% as good.  Believe me that is setting a very high goal.

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