Sunday, August 21, 2016

Markarius Viper and DJ Ez are very special in my life. THANK YOU

The new me.

I mentioned to them that I was interested in going mesh and that I was reading up on it, but nervous about attempting to make the change. Several times Markarius questioned me as to what I was looking for in looks.  During the dance at Gay Men’s Cove, Friday night, I got a message from Markarius asking if I would have time to meet with him.  I of course responded, “yes”.  The rest of the dance I wondered what he might want.  Then after the dance I got a TP request.  He asked if I wanted to try a demo of a avatar he thought I might like.  This was new to me and I was a little nervous, but believe very much in Markarius and so we did the demo, and I loved it.  It was a Signature Ginni which I decided to buy.    He went through the process of adjusting it to my likes.  This man is good at what he does as anyone can see who visits Gay Men's Cove.  We worked well in to the morning,  it took awhile because I was a bit nervous and although he uses voice I do not.  I now believe I must go to voice if only for situations like this. 

During the process he asked if I liked his penis and of course I do.  He got me the aeros 6.0.  I was really hooked on the Xcite, but it was the only one I had used.  I love the aeros and thank you Markarius.  What a surprise, and I really thank you. I have been playing with my penis a lot sense then. Grin

DJ Ez dropped in during this process and he sent me a gift of pubic hair.  I will add it today.  Thank you very much EZ.  I talk with Ez a lot.  Many Times I arrive early and we can talk,while he sets up.  We also now communicate by e-mail.  This means so much to me.

In RL I am known as a man of few words, but get me started and I can really talk (Grin), as you can see from this post. No words can really express how thankful I am of what they have done.

Love you guys

See I even have the nerve to run naked in the street.
Thanks to Markarius


  1. Carl you are a special unique individual that everyone loves cause you always there. Thanks for the glow words and comments of myself you are my friend and always will be love and hugs.

  2. Thank you very much and a nice naked hug back to you.