Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Special Notice - Clothing Problem. Can not cover most dances.

I got a signature Giana body.  Having a problem wearing clothes.  Trying to learn how to use the hud.  So far can not find instructions on how to use it.  I have a pair of swim shorts and a net tank.  Can only cover dances and events where the swim shorts or being nude is ok.

I am stuburn and could switch back to my old body for events where I need to be dressed, but then that is the easy way.  I will solve the problem easier if I have to wait until I learn to wear clothes with my new Avitar.

I was up all night trying to resolve this problem.  It can not be that hard and likely something simple I am not doing.

I need to get some rest and am going to try to stay away from computer if I can.  As I said I am stubborn and will keep getting ideas to check.  


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