Monday, August 22, 2016

Still have minor fine tuning of my new Avitar

Still have my old head.
Body is Signature Gianni
Cock is Aeros 6.0

Can not find much in my Inventory, or I am not trying to wear them in the proper way.

 Also found this one but these are not great to wear shopping (Grin)

Found these swim  trunks which is getting me started
I bought the net shirt which came with a color hud.  I like the idea of the hud, but do not like how the net shirt is too high. I will try to figure that out

 Love my cock.  I found my add on and added them.
Played with my cock and the add-on hud.  Soon realized I had piercings, and it did not even hurt.
 I presume I hit a button on the hud and added the piercings.
I also have pubic hair.  Thanks to DJ Ez.
Will have to let Ez check out just how fine and soft it is.
The pubic hair that is.

Ckeck out these piercings.
They are neat and not too large.

I do have one problem.
When I go in water totally nude, nudists always swim nude.
I look like I am wearing a white shirt.

Under water problem solved.
Thank you Kaden

 It is so nice to have a avi which shows smooth lines in photos.
You can see I am very happy and proud of my new look.
Thanks to the encouragement and work of Markarius Viper an DJ Ez


  1. Carl good to see you enjoy you new look and cock but I did push you Markarius I can see did a good job working with you I am happy to see his good work is rubbing off on you and is the one who help you I don't have his talent but I know what he can do.

  2. Markarius is good at what he does, He has a great eye for detail. I really respect him.