Friday, August 12, 2016

Working on improving my Second Life photography

I recently installed Light Room, which I am doing tutorials on and learning.  I use Paint Shop Pro 5  for most of my RL and SL photography.  Yesterday I upgraded to Paint Shop Pro 9 and am getting practice with it.  I also have a trial version of After Shot which looks very interesting.  As you know from prior postings I am working on lighting and collecting poses.

Have not gotten to many dances and SL events these past several weeks, but as I get my act together I will be covering many dances and events.  Bare with me as I get everything together.  A lot to learn.

The following are some photos taken today.  Some at my place and some at Steamworkz lobby.  The last few photos is checking out eye movement which I will be able to control in the poses.

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