Friday, September 16, 2016

NakedCarl's 6th Rezday party

This was a fantastic party.  I really enjoyed myself.  It was like a family gathering to me.  The guys of Gay Men’s Cove are like brothers.  I think that Kahr made great spiked hot chocolate at the stand that Ez furnished.  Have a feeling they spiked mine extra for I got up this morning in RL, sick to my stomach.  If so pay backs can be hell, so watch out. (GRIN)  Wasn’t that a great poster that Baz did. The photos of me featured on the poster were taken by Markarius. I really love the poster.

I want to thank Markarius, Kahr, DJ Ez and Baz for really making this a very special day for me to remember.  A big thank you to everyone who attended.  You guys really know how to make a great party.  I will truly remember this night

I did not take many pictures for I was having a really good time and wanted to enjoy the party.  I hope everyone had a good time.

The one and only DJ Ez, the DJ at the cove.  He plays great selections.  He also plays The Viper colection, tunes picked by Markarius.  Ez also features The Baz Colection.

Markarius Viper, owner and creator of Gay Men's Cove, and Kahr a wonerful lady, a friend of Markarius, who helps put together special events at the cove.

Now here are Baz and Eon.  Two hot guys, really friendly.  They spend a lot of time at the cove and I am sure they are a great asset to the group.  Love you guys.

 A view of the set up Markarius did on the beach featuring some photos from my blog.

Now you can see why Gay Men's Cove is a very special, friendly place.


  1. WooT, happy 6th rezday, buddy!
    I am so sorry I cannot be there due to the damn time zone hassle. Have a great party!

  2. "Bi/Gay ADULT MEN ONLY No Kid, female, herms or clothes!"

    Yet this woman Khar is there! Ugh!