Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Talking with DJ Ez after the dance at the Lagoon

I met EZ at Second Pride several years ago.  We have become best friends. 
We talk a lot, sometimes just general conversation.  When either one of us gets in a depressed mood due to RL or SL we can talk freely with each other knowing it will stay between us.  We can also talk our happy times and express our dreams.  Now that is friendship.  We do not talk badly about others nor do we spread rumors.  We do not talk religion or politics.  

I bet you wish this blog had sound. (smile)

No I am not turning by back on Ez, besides he always has my back.

I do sort of wonder if he likes this view of me.  (mischivous grin)

This is off topic but just wanted this photo.  It is so real life looking.

Ez had to steap away from the computer in RL and so I decided to take advantage of him. (smile)

I moved in closer and took some close ups. 

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