Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tuesday night and Carl is so horny

Opps. You caught me dressed.
Great that you did not see me earlier today, I have been very horny today.
This the only outfit that fits me now, So am going to go see if I can find a new pair of jeans.
Need to get my mind on something other than sex right now.
Ahh here is a Group invite from Gay Men's Cove.
Strange, they do not usually do events on Monday or Tuesday.
Well it is Kaden and an invite to go dance at the Lagoon.
Forget the jeans I must get naked and go.
This is going to keep me horny.
Oh well, lets go to the Lagoon

Hey EZ
Hi Akille
Have known Ez for a long while now.  He is a best friend.
I go to him when I need someone to talk to and he listens. That is important to me.
Ahh there is Kaden right behind me.  Thank you Kaden for the notice.
I do not know Akille very well YET.  (smile)

This cool water feels so good

Ez is a great DJ.
Love the tunes he plays.
His own collection and the Viper Collection along with a collection from Baz.
Isn't Ez hot.
I just have to stay under control.
That is hard to do here at the cove

Taking advantage of my chance to check out Akille.
Do not look at me right now.  I have lost control again.
The advantage of woody time at the cove is being able to look around
Nice sexy body Akille and a very nice all over tan
I will be keeping an eye on you. (grin)

Wow what a animal Kaden is, or so I have heard.
He is very colorful and stands out in any crowd.
I don't think he will bite.
He is truly a very friendly animal.
(If he were to bite me I would not get mad)

Ahh Damien, who I see a lot at the dances but do not know very well, YET.
Look at those tats.  Wonder who was the lucky Tattoo Artist to work his body.
I would enjoy studying this art work in detail.
(smile) Wouldn't you

Ahh Gabriel, looks like he just came from a workout at the gym.
He looks very pumped.
I do not really know Gabriel, but he is of interest sense I have trained others in the sport of bodybuilding in Real Life.

Still horney
Just thinking, would be nice to get into a orgy now.
Well I can dream can't I.

Ahh Markarius Viper just arrived.
This is a busy man  maintaining the cove here and keeping it interesting.
He is also a fantastic photographer.
He has a great eye for beauty.
I hope to be half the photographer he is.
He does not attend all the dances here, but I keep an eye out for his arrival.
Just look at those photos and you will understand.
I know that I can go to him with a problem.
I could go on and on about this man.
PS:  If a orgy were going on Markarius would make it very special, That is just how he is.

This is a great place to relax, meet new friends and yes to have a lot of fun.
Lots of nice little coves to be with a friend.
I love this place and am sure you  would too.

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