Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A evening in the life of NakedCarl

Tuesday evening I went to Gay Men’s Cove, a place I love and consider my second home.   I planed to take a few photos for my blog which I did. 

Markarius Viper, owner of the cove showed up and we had a conversation.  He said he was working on Baz’s sim and would I like a tour and see what he had done.  Markarius is a fantastic SL builder, I love his work, so of course I wanted the tour.   I followed him and was able to keep up.  After a bit, he said I could take and post photos if I wanted.  At that time we were at a area he called The Swamp.  I got involved in taking photos and then realized he had moved on.  I had lost him.  Then he came riding in on a horse.  What a beautiful site.  I started shooting photos of Markarius.  I had dreamed many times of doing a photo shoot of Markarius and here was my chance.  I took many phots.

This posting is sort of three postings in one.

1        Gaymen’s Cove
2        Baz’s Sim
3        Markarius Viper

The detail in this sim is great.  The cabin, the rustic looking bed,  the old pick up. The swamp.  Very interesting.

I love the job Markarius did.


Now off to Baz's Sim with Markarius

Now here is desert.
Markarius Viper on his horse.
Enjoy this set of photos
I truly enjoyed doing them.