Wednesday, June 28, 2017

12th Annual Second Pride June 28 - June 29

Today's Schedule

Just relaxing here at Second Pride getting ready for another great day dancing, partying and meeting and making new friends.  This is my sixth year of attending Second Pride and I truly love and look forward to it each year.   I am very proud of who I am and this really reinforces my feeling.
Hope to see you  here.

Wish I had taken photos of these at the beginning of this event.  Would have been great as first entry on the posting each day as part of the days schedule.

Gay Men's Cove, My home away from home, my second home.  Great friends there and Markarius Viper and DJ EZ are very special and close friends.
A place you would enjoy.
All male all nude.

Now to the dance floor and another great day.

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